Membership, Directors, Officers and Bylaws

Membership in the Friends of Williamsburg Rowing is open to any individual and organization interested in our stated purpose.  To join, please email [email protected]

The affairs of FWR are managed by a board of directors selected from the membership.  Each director is appointed for a three year term.  The current directors and their appointments terms are listed below.



Director Appointment Expires

[email protected]
Marshall Irby April 2019
  Vice President
[email protected]
Alex Sullivan April 2019
[email protected]
Travis Moore April 2017
[email protected]
Emma Rudebusch April 2017
  Jessica Beckett April 2019
Jake Buck April 2019
Liesl Voges April 2018
Jamie Lewis April 2018
Sean Koebley April 2018
Bob Morrison April 2018
TJ Wallin April 2017
Justin de Benedictis-Kessner April 2017

For more information about the duties of each position or to request a copy of our bylaws, please email [email protected]