2016 WMRC 50/50 Campaign Recap

FWR and WMRC recently concluded the 2016 WMRC 50/50 Campaign with great success. We launched the Campaign in November 2016 with the goal to raise $20,000 and ultimately raised $20,049! The “50/50” refers to how we are using the funds raised from the Campaign. 50% of the funds were used to make a $13,300 down payment on the new King 8+ that was purchased last month and will have its debut race on April 2, 2017. The remaining 50% of the funds were invested into the WMRC Endowment Fund for the long-term support of WMRC.

Donors to the Campaign include the following alumni, rowers, parents and friends. We cannot thank you enough for your support.

  • Geri Nicholson ’91
  • Travis Moore ’06
  • William Kelly
  • Lucy Hollander
  • Mark & Nancy McManus
  • Karin Soobert
  • Anonymous “Program Director”
  • Kelly and Cindy Crace
  • JT Blau ’08
  • Sarah King ’09
  • Barb & Les Biesecker
  • Anonymous “Campaign Leader”
  • Anonymous “Participant”
  • Multiple PwC Employees
  • PwC Corporate Matching
  • Adobe Corporate Matching
  • AIG Corporate Matching
  • Kent Voges
  • Leslie Voges
  • Noelle Voges
  • Madeline Voges
  • Liesl Voges ’09
  • Sean Koebley ’08
  • Sarah Hazard
  • Victoria (Dyer) Malyovanny ’04
  • Suly Salazar
  • Pamela Watts
  • John & Iris White
  • Emma Cleary ’16
  • Chris Bennett ’10
  • Karen (Diehl) Yurish ’96
  • Anonymous “Varsity Oarsman”
  • Anonymous “Participant”
  • Verizon Corporate Matching

As you can tell from the list above, we had particular success with corporate matching gifts during the Campaign, with employers such as AIG, Verizon, Adobe and PwC matching the donations of their employees. These corporate matches ultimately contributed over $3,500 towards this Campaign which significantly multiplied the impact of our supporters donations. If you would like more information around corporate matching gifts, speak to your company’s human resources department to see if that is something that your employer offers. If so, please reach out to Travis Moore at [email protected] and we would be happy to coordinate the match with you!

We will be holding a boat dedication and naming ceremony on April 2, 2017 to commemorate the first race of the new King 8+. The race and ceremony will be held after the Occoquan Sprints Regatta at Sandy Run Regional Park in Fairfax Station, VA. Races will be held from 10:00am – 2:30pm with the dedication occurring shortly after the final race of the day. The name of the boat as well as the seat names will be released next week as we get closer to the big day. Stay tuned for more information!

Location of the Occoquan Sprints
Sandy Run Regional Park
10450 Van Thompson Rd
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Year-end Endowment Update – 2016

2016 was a good year for the WMRC Endowment! Thanks to our generous donors throughout the year and in particular, the donors that contributed to the 50/50 campaign, we received over $7,500 in endowment donations! That plus a 9.5% return on our investments during 2016 helped put us at approximately $21,500 at year-end! However, this is still $3,500 short of our $25,000 goal as part of the 50/50 campaign, so if you have been meaning to make your 50/50 campaign donation, it isn’t too late. Just visit our 50/50 campaign page and donate today.

Ultimately, we expect the WMRC Endowment will be able to distribute 5% annually to support WMRC. Based on our current balance, the Endowment would distribute approximately $1,075 per year. That could buy us a new model D erg, two new cox boxes, or three new concept II oars, just to name a few options!

WMRC 50/50 Fundraising Campaign

Chick Chase 2016

WMRC is embarking on their largest fundraising campaign since building the boathouse in 2011. The goal is $20,000: $10,000 for a new King 8+ and $10,000 to make a final push towards establishing an endowment fund. Let’s come together as One Tribe and demonstrate our support for WMRC! Every gift, no matter how big or how small, will promote WMRC’s continued success and excellence in Williamsburg. Donate today!


For more information, check out our website!!!

On our way to Phase I

During the month of September, the WMRC Endowment passed the $10,000 mark which is 20% of the way towards our Phase I Endowment goal of $50,000. Assuming 5% earnings every year, the Endowment will already generate $500 annually to support WMRC. To put that in the context of rowing, that is like one brand new cox box every year… forever! This is a great accomplishment and something that we can build upon as we finish out 2014. Consider making a donation to the WMRC Endowment during the remaining month and a half of 2014 and help to grow our base even further.

Coming up on 10k

Remember what it is like to pull a 10K on the erg? It’s certainly not one of the more enjoyable erg workouts that you can do (is there an enjoyable erg workout?), but it is one with a lot of meaningful milestones. As you watched the meters count down past each 500 meter milestone you knew you were that much closer to being done. How about passing the 9k mark and seeing less than 1k to go? You always knew you had it then, just two more 500s! Well friends, the WMRC Endowment fund also has a lot of milestones and that’s where our endowment fund is. Thanks to some strong donations this spring we just passed the $9k mark and are walking our way to $10k. Help us pass this next major milestone by donating to the WMRC Endowment which will secure the clubs financial future for all the rowers and alumni to come.

June Endowment Update!

The WMRC Endowment Fund has surpassed the next milestone of $5,000 or 10% of our $50,000 goal!!  Thank you to our dedicated friends who are moving us closer to our goal every day.  If you want to contribute to the endowment fund while having a good time out on the links, sign-up for the FWR Charity Golf Tournament which will be held on September 21st at Kingsmill.  All proceeds will go to the endowment fund.

Endowment Progress – $1500 in one week!

It was a fantastic week for the Endowment fund which received over $1,500 of donations and surpassed the $4,000 mark on the way towards our Phase 1 goal of $50,000. Of the donations received, the most significant was a $1,000 donation of a long-time supporter’s tax refund. If you’re looking for something altruistic to do with your tax refund this year, this is proof that we are willing and able to help you.

The other significant donation was $500 corporate matching gift from Google! Check out our Guide to Giving for help determining if your employer matches charitable donations.