Spring 2017 WMRC Wishlist

WMRC could use a few new pieces of equipment to upgrade older boats and ensure that they are ready for SIRAs this weekend as well as the remaining spring regattas. Check out these select items from the WMRC Wishlist which would be particularly helpful and donate if you can! Coach Graham Ludmer and Tribe Rowing will put these to use ASAP!

WMRC’s Newest 8+, the “Lucky Liesl ‘09”

Thanks to WMRC and FWR’s many alumni, parents and friends, we are fortunate enough to have purchased a brand new King 8+, the “Lucky Liesl ‘09”! The Lucky Liesl will take to the water for her first race on April 2, 2017 during the Occoquan Sprints.

The Lucky Liesl ’09 being unwrapped in the Tack Family Boathouse for the first time.

Funds for a down-payment on the new boat were raised through the recent WMRC 50/50 Campaign and both the boat and the seats in it are being named after some of the supporters who made this possible. The Lucky Liesl ’09 is being named for Liesl Voges, a WMRC coxswain who graduated in 2009 and has been an amazingly supportive alumna ever since. We are excited to recognize Liesl by naming the new boat after her and look forward to all the medals that the Lucky Liesl ’09 will bring home for WMRC!

The Voges family, pictured above, were generous supporters of the 2016 WMRC 50/50 Campaign and surprised Liesl with boat naming rights for her 30th birthday.

Name of the new King 8+ – Lucky Liesl ’09
Seat Names
Cox – Jenn Hatch ’09
8 – Mark Miller ’08
7 – JT Blau ’08
6 – Victoria Dyer Malyovanny ’04
5 – Matt Fiordaliso ’04
4 – Jessica Beckett ’15
3 – Marshall Irby ’15
2 – Katie Oberg ’16
1 – Emma Cleary ’16

We wish there were more seats to acknowledge and celebrate all of our donors, but fortunately the full list of donors can be found at our WMRC 50/50 Campaign page. Check out the list for yourself and give each donor a personal ‘thank you’ the next time you see them!

2016 WMRC 50/50 Campaign Recap

FWR and WMRC recently concluded the 2016 WMRC 50/50 Campaign with great success. We launched the Campaign in November 2016 with the goal to raise $20,000 and ultimately raised $20,049! The “50/50” refers to how we are using the funds raised from the Campaign. 50% of the funds were used to make a $13,300 down payment on the new King 8+ that was purchased last month and will have its debut race on April 2, 2017. The remaining 50% of the funds were invested into the WMRC Endowment Fund for the long-term support of WMRC.

Donors to the Campaign include the following alumni, rowers, parents and friends. We cannot thank you enough for your support.

  • Geri Nicholson ’91
  • Travis Moore ’06
  • William Kelly
  • Lucy Hollander
  • Mark & Nancy McManus
  • Karin Soobert
  • Anonymous “Program Director”
  • Kelly and Cindy Crace
  • JT Blau ’08
  • Sarah King ’09
  • Barb & Les Biesecker
  • Anonymous “Campaign Leader”
  • Anonymous “Participant”
  • Multiple PwC Employees
  • PwC Corporate Matching
  • Adobe Corporate Matching
  • AIG Corporate Matching
  • Kent Voges
  • Leslie Voges
  • Noelle Voges
  • Madeline Voges
  • Liesl Voges ’09
  • Sean Koebley ’08
  • Sarah Hazard
  • Victoria (Dyer) Malyovanny ’04
  • Suly Salazar
  • Pamela Watts
  • John & Iris White
  • Emma Cleary ’16
  • Chris Bennett ’10
  • Karen (Diehl) Yurish ’96
  • Anonymous “Varsity Oarsman”
  • Anonymous “Participant”
  • Verizon Corporate Matching

As you can tell from the list above, we had particular success with corporate matching gifts during the Campaign, with employers such as AIG, Verizon, Adobe and PwC matching the donations of their employees. These corporate matches ultimately contributed over $3,500 towards this Campaign which significantly multiplied the impact of our supporters donations. If you would like more information around corporate matching gifts, speak to your company’s human resources department to see if that is something that your employer offers. If so, please reach out to Travis Moore at [email protected] and we would be happy to coordinate the match with you!

We will be holding a boat dedication and naming ceremony on April 2, 2017 to commemorate the first race of the new King 8+. The race and ceremony will be held after the Occoquan Sprints Regatta at Sandy Run Regional Park in Fairfax Station, VA. Races will be held from 10:00am – 2:30pm with the dedication occurring shortly after the final race of the day. The name of the boat as well as the seat names will be released next week as we get closer to the big day. Stay tuned for more information!

Location of the Occoquan Sprints
Sandy Run Regional Park
10450 Van Thompson Rd
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Coaches Oars

The Concept 2 oars purchased last year for WMRC have been branded as the “Coaches Oars” and named after eight previous coaches who have made an impact on WMRC. This is by no means a comprehensive list given the limited number of oars compared to the large number of fantastic coaches WMRC has enjoyed. Instead, these coaches were chosen by the donors who purchased the oars as a tribute to the coaches who had led brought them through countless water practices, erg pieces and regattas. The list of coaches includes:

  • Nathan Walker
  • Travis Hall
  • Rob Montague
  • Matt Courtin
  • Alia Reese
  • Tom Martell
  • Heidi Martell
  • Dr. Charles Ehrlich

One of the former coaches, Nathan Walker, had the opportunity to visit a practice last week and was kind enough to pose with his oar.Nathan Walker Oar Pic

New Concept 2 Oars

FWR is raising money for new oars! We have purchased 8 new Concept 2 oars for the William & Mary Rowing Club (“WMRC”) which will arrive by the end of April 2015 and provide the team with the best possible oars for the championship portion of the spring season.Concept 2 OarApproximately five of the oars have now been covered by donations from friends and alumni. If you’re interested in buying one of the remaining oars for WMRC, visit the WMRC wish-list to donate. If a full oar isn’t for you, you can donate any amount to WMRC and cover a portion of an oar either online or by mail by designating your donation to WMRC. The new oars will have the secondary benefit of freeing up a set of existing oars that WMRC will give to the Williamsburg Boat Club (“WBC”). WBC will use the existing oars to support adult and juniors rowing programs in Williamsburg.