Spring 2017 WMRC Wishlist

WMRC could use a few new pieces of equipment to upgrade older boats and ensure that they are ready for SIRAs this weekend as well as the remaining spring regattas. Check out these select items from the WMRC Wishlist which would be particularly helpful and donate if you can! Coach Graham Ludmer and Tribe Rowing will put these to use ASAP!

Donate Now to One Tribe One Day

Today is the One Tribe One Day!!! In case you missed it, THIS FUNDRAISER IS ALL ABOUT PARTICIPATION, NOT SIZE OF DONATION!!!

In an effort to demonstrate to WM the importance of the rowing team to the community, we are challenging friends, family, and alumni to donate $5 to the One Tribe One Day Fundraiser.  Our goal is to have 175 people participate, which will make up approximately 1.5% of all donors today.

Please follow this link to learn why this fundraiser is important to the team!

Make sure your donation goes to Tribe Rowing: Detailed Instructions



One Tribe One Day is Two Days Away!!!

March 28th and the One Tribe One Day Fundraiser are only 2 days away.  Mark your calendars now!!! This fundraiser is all about participation and our goal is to have 175 people donate at least $5 on this day to demonstrate the importance of the rowing team to the WM community.  Bookmark this page for March 28th!  Instructions and more information on donating are below!

Click here for details on donating: How to Donate to One Tribe One Day

Click here for details on the fundraising campaign: One Tribe One Day Explanation


Donations to Tribe Rowing through the College

As some of our friends and supporters are aware, donations to support Tribe Rowing can be made through the College of William & Mary’s Development Office as well as through FWR. Donations through the College make their way to the team’s Development Account, which can be used to support major initiatives of the team. For example, donors had contributed thousands of dollars to the team’s Development Account prior to 2017 and these funds were waiting for a mission. WMRC decided to use $3,700 of the Development Account balance to purchase the riggers for the new King 8+! These funds, together with the donations to the WMRC 50/50 Campaign sponsored by FWR, helped make this new 8+ a reality. We’ve had the opportunity to thank all of the donors we know from the 50/50 Campaign, but we haven’t had the chance to reach out to the unnamed donors to the team’s Development Account over the years. So here goes – thank you all for your support. We couldn’t have done it without you!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with how to make donations through the College, here are a few facts about this donation option that might help you determine if this is a good choice for you.

  • You can easily donate through the College online at giving.wm.edu. Decide an amount to give and then scroll down to choose a fund to support. Search for a fund by keyword or code and search “Rowing Club (2528)”.
  • Donations made through the College and designated for the Rowing Club provide benefits such as recognition from the College (e.g. the Bell Society or the James Blair Society), counting towards your class gift, and more.
  • Donations made through the College are more difficult for the team (and FWR for that matter) to monitor and track. The Development Office sends thank you cards, donation receipts, etc. and does not communicate donor information directly to the team. Therefore, you may not hear directly from FWR or team members about your donation, but rest assured, the Development Office has allocated your money for the team’s future use!
  • Development Account funds carry over from year-to-year and there is no risk of “losing” the money.
  • Funds in the team’s Development Account do have a few more restrictions around how the money can be used. For example, the funds couldn’t be used to by new unis or racing t-shirts for the spring season. Therefore, these funds are best suited for equipment purchases like the new 8+. In contrast, donations to FWR are can be used for nearly anything that supports Tribe Rowing.

FWR’s goal is to support Tribe Rowing in every way possible, therefore we think donating through College is a fantastic use of your hard-earned money, just like donations made directly to FWR. So, if donating through the College sounds like the right fit for you – go for it! And Go Tribe Rowing!

Please note that FWR is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit and is not directly affiliated with the College. We simply share a lot of the same goals as the College! The information here is what we have learned from our own experience as alumni and donors as well as from independent research into the College’s donation process. The College has not reviewed or approved this information. If you have any specific questions on donating to Tribe Rowing through the College, please reach out to the Office of University Advancement using their contact form at giving.wm.edu/about-us/contact-us.html.

Support Tribe Rowing on One Tribe One Day!

On March 28, the global Tribe family will assemble once again for one of the most powerful days on the William & Mary calendar: One Tribe One Day. Each year, alumni, parents, students and friends share their love of William & Mary by making gifts, posting, tweeting and attending events. One Tribe One Day is all about participation – this year, William & Mary is aiming to have 11,000 people give back to the university in a single 24-hour period!

The best part about One Tribe One Day is that it is an opportunity for each member of the William & Mary community to support the area that they are most passionate about. For the William & Mary Rowing Club and the Friends of Williamsburg Rowing, we are the most passionate about Tribe Rowing!

We are reaching out to current rowers, parents, alumni and friends to support Tribe Rowing on One Tribe One Day and demonstrate to the College how deep the support for Tribe Rowing runs. Our goal is to represent approximately 1.5% of the participants in One Tribe One Day, which is 165 donors based upon the College’s overall goal of 11,000. We believe that this will be one of the best participation rates of any of William & Mary’s 44 Sport Clubs. Please take a moment on March 28, 2017 to show your support by donating to the “Rowing Club (2528)” through the One Tribe One Day website. Remember, this is all about participation – so whether your donation is $5 or $500, you are making a huge impact on Tribe Rowing.

Donations to Tribe Rowing through One Tribe One Day will all go into the team’s Development Account which can be used to purchase equipment and support the long-term needs of Tribe Rowing. Most recently, the team used $3,700 from the Development Account to purchase the riggers for the brand new King 8+, the “Lucky Liesl ’09.” This boat represents a radical improvement in the quality of the team’s fleet and our rowers can’t wait to fly down the course during the Lucky Liesl’s debut race at the Occoquan on April 2, 2017

We hope to be a part of the biggest and most exciting One Tribe One Day yet, so get engaged on social media with the hashtags #onetribeoneday and #triberowing to show your support and see who is donating. Anyone can donate, so be sure to encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to join the campaign.   Thanks again and “Go Tribe!”

Download Detailed Instructions To Donate to Tribe Rowing: Here

 Remember to donate on March 28th!!!